How To Become An Interior Designer

How To Become An Interior Designer

If you are interested in design, architecture and how the interiors of buildings are planned out and actually assembled you might wonder how to become an interior designer. These professionals are highly trained in helping clients understand numerous aspects of materials, color and many other design considerations that allow a building interior to have a pleasant appearance and remain functional at the same time. Most clients look for safe, comfortable interiors so that employees or the public are able to be more productive or relax and enjoy the location.

What is it Like to Be an Interior Designer?

A lot of interior designers work on their own by owning their business or working as part of a firm of interior designers. Design employers are looking for applicants with a design degree, perhaps in interior design. They should know how to work well with other professionals like architects, developers, clients and their colleagues. They should be knowledgeable about Computer Aided Design (CAD), blueprints and understand how to remain within the confines of a client’s budget.

According to the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for interior designers is expected to remain steady but industry analysts agree that more education and even licensure should make an applicant stand out from the crowd.

What Kind of Schooling do I Need to Become an Interior Designer?

If you are serious about interior design, you may want to make an appointment with a professional at an interior design office or staff at a college of design to ask for more details about how to become an interior designer. You are probably going to learn that, currently, at least an associate’s degree and perhaps a bachelor’s degree is recommended for starting out in the field of interior design.

Getting a college education can be a little challenging especially if you are working in a related field while gaining relevant work experience. And if you are a transfer student or going back to college, you might be interested in convenient ways to earn college credits that offer flexible scheduling. Students in these situations might want to look into online courses. The best online schools are accredited and most credits transfer. Even brick and mortar university students are seeing the benefits of online classes.

While in school consider any internships or positions related to interior design. These might be found on a bulletin board in the college of design, by asking instructors or signing up for your college’s career center. Definitely ask your academic advisor about how to become an interior designer. The great aspect about an institution’s career counseling center is the fact that there are often exclusive listings that are only for students and alumni. Some of these can turn into careers which is beneficial because some work or interior design apprenticeship experience is required to advance in the field.

During your education, you are bound to learn if your state requires their interior designers to be licensed. If it does, research The National Council for Interior Design Qualification because they are the administering body for the associated exam. They have specific education and work experience requirements just to take the exam. This is just a run-down of the steps for how to become an interior designer, but hopefully they give you an idea of where to start and how to proceed. So head back to school today!

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