How to Become an Art Teacher

How to Become an Art Teacher

Finding a rewarding and exciting career is a dream for most of us. If you are interested in teaching and enjoy art, learning how to become an art teacher may be just that career. To become an art teacher you first need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in an art related field. This could include a degree in art history, painting, graphic arts or digital arts. You will study such topics as design, color theory, perspective or painting. Once you have obtained your bachelor’s degree you will need to complete a teacher education program. In your courses for your bachelor’s degree you should already take some teacher preparation courses to ease you into the field and allow you to start teaching to some extent. Once you complete a teacher education program you will need to obtain your teacher’s license. How you do this will vary by state so you will need to do the research on this step in the states you are interested in teaching in.

What’s it Like to be an Art Teacher?

Once you learn how to become an art teacher you can expect an annual salary in the low to mid 50 thousand range. As an art teacher you will have a large selection of paths you are able to take. You will even have the opportunities to specialize further if you wish, possibly into therapy or other related fields. When you do find a teaching position, you will educate students in the studies of your particular class. You may teach art history, discussing ancient art and its impact on our world, or you may teach more modern art. You could teach students to paint, draw, or use computers to create art. The possibilities are endless, but learning early what you are most interested in will allow you to take more courses in the related field as you go back to college.

What Kind of Schooling Do I Need to Become an Art Teacher?

To learn how to become an art teacher you need to figure out a way to fit school into your already busy schedule. Many students have found great success in online degree programs. Most schools offer some form of online courses, while many offer exclusively online degrees. Spending your time looking at what schools are available in your area or online will be a good start. Speak with students, faculty and read reviews online to get an idea of what to expect from the school.

Online degree programs work in much the same way as offline schools with a few important differences. In an online class you will do most of your studying on your own. Your professor will assign lecture notes or other reading to study. They will also assign due dates for assignments, tests or quizzes. When you prepare for them is up to you, but you must do them by the due date.

This is the main reason so many students are finding online degree programs to be such a great way to go back to college. With online degree programs you set your school schedule around your life, as opposed to the other way around.

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