How to Become a Video Game Designer

How to Become a Video Game Designer

Video games provide entertainment to kids, both young and old. Many people want to get into this exciting new top career of video game development, although they do not know how to become a video game designer. While the degree programs for this field have been sparse in the past, more and more of the top online universities are beginning to offer degrees that will help you get into this career by obtaining bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

What Is it Like to Be a Video Game Designer?

There are numerous ways in how to become a video game designer once you have completed your degree program. The first and most widely used way is to apply and gain employment through a host of video game companies, such as those found in the Microsoft Corporation. With a large corporation, you will design the games in a predetermined manner. While you may have a say in how the video game looks and operates, you will be required to implement the specifications issued by the company. These types of positions generally have a lot of room for advancement if you participate in on the job training.

The other way of how to become a video game designer is working on your own as a freelance video game designer. You set your own hours, work wherever you want, and set your own price. This position does have its drawbacks. You will not earn a guaranteed paycheck at the end of the week and there is no potential for advancement. However, you will design the video games the way that you want. Your pay rises when you build a large client base. Because of their creativity and tolerance for taking risks, how to become a video game designer often leads the talented developers to start their own businesses.

What Kind of Schooling Do I Need to Become a Video Game Designer?

There are many new degree programs available through most of the best online colleges that will qualify you with how to become a video game designer. These degree programs start out with a four-year bachelor’s degree in game programming, game design, or game art animation. Once you complete a degree program, you may choose to begin working immediately or you may choose to go back to college to earn your online Master’s degree in game production and management. Advanced education gives you a better understanding of to succeed as a video game designer.

Most of the courses in all of these programs revolve around both computer aided animation and computer science, as well as learning concepts that pertain to intricate game design and how to animate various types of gaming characters. In addition, you should also learn the fundamentals of how to create various levels of the game once the initial you complete the initial design. The bachelor’s degree program will take you about four years to complete and can be accomplished through the best online colleges. In addition, you may enroll in a master’s program after you complete your bachelor’s program.

Once you have earned your degree, you need to determine what types of games you wish to develop and where you wish to work. After you complete these steps, you are ready to earn a high salary in a very rewarding career. Enroll in an online program to start learning how to become a video game designer.


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