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Tattoo Artist Job Description

Tattoo Artist Job Description

A tattoo artist job description will be somewhat consistent for most employers. Some employers may require a formal education and others may not. Some employers may require training and certification and others may not. Regardless of these variations, most job descriptions will be similar.

Tattoo Artist Job Description

A tattoo artist job description will list exactly the type of tattoo artist an employer seeks. Some job descriptions may be for seasoned professionals while others may be for entry-level positions. Regardless of your level of experience, you will be required to perform essential duties. One of the more challenging aspects of these positions will be the ability to transform a client’s vision into reality with great success. You must be able to work well with people. You will be required to take a design and transform it into a beautiful work of art and permanently mark it on the body of another. Employers will seek out people who work well with others. Employers will also seek out individuals who understand the tattoo is about making the customer happy rather than what the designer wishes. Employers want to hire people who are easy going. They do not wish to hire people who are disagreeable and cannot take direction well. This is a customer service business and owners wish to find people who understand this principle.

You will also be required to have an understanding of the industry. Job descriptions will be seeking people who are prepared to begin working immediately. The job description may be for an apprenticeship. These positions are a training program for tattoo artists. Throughout this training process, you will learn how to become a tattoo artist. You will be taught how to use tattoo instruments properly. You will learn about proper sterilization techniques as well as how to properly store equipment. You will learn various safety measures which must be taken with each client. Each person is different, and you must be trained to handle any situation. Some job descriptions may list a variety of attributes an employer seeks in an employee. Most employers seek employees who communicate well, have compassion and who are nonjudgmental. They will always seek people with the most artistic skills. One way to improve upon your abilities is by completing an art degree.

Education for a tattoo artist

A tattoo artist job description may or may not list educational requirements. Some employers will compensate employees with a degree in the form of a better salary. People who pursue this profession should be a naturally gifted artist. Many self-taught artists go on to have successful careers. However, with a degree can come with certain guarantees to employers. A degree will assure an employer you are as good as the portfolio you present. They know they will not be wasting their time on someone who was not trained properly. They will be assured the employee knows how to work with a number of varying artistic techniques providing the employee with the ability to create more unique designs. A degree may not be required by all employers, but it could improve the skill level of the artist, their pay scale, and their ability to work for top employers.

A tattoo artist job description will explain the type of tattoo artist the employer seeks. Tattoo artists should possess a natural artistic ability coupled with an education. Tattoo artists in possession of both are the most desirable candidates.

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