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How To Become A Pharmacist

How To Become A Pharmacist

Pharmacists are generally responsible for dispensing medication that is prescribed by licensed medical doctors. They are trained to be thoroughly familiar with all sorts of drugs, different names for the same drugs, drug interactions, and side affects. They may help physicians select medication and help a patient with any questions they might have. They are great resources for information on over the counter medication as well. Keep reading if you would like to learn how to become a pharmacist. It is a career well-worth the effort.

What Is It Like to be a Pharmacist?

Pharmacists are healthcare professionals who have earned a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree, passed an examination, and are licensed to practice dispensing pharmaceuticals in a state or country. Most pharmacists work in the classic drugstore environment, while others may work inside a hospital or other medical institution.

Pharmacy jobs are expected to grow steadily in the near future. This is due to natural population increases, as well as more people and pharmacists, specifically, retiring every year. Another reason is the increase in prescription drug coverage by insurance companies that is becoming more available.

A pharmacist must be able to work with private information and keep accurate records of a patient’s medication history for privacy and potentially harmful drug interactions. Some might be employed in insurance companies to form health benefit plans, while others might work in academia helping future pharmacists in their career development.

It is generally considered a respected career in the community due to the direct help that pharmacists provide. If someone is interested in how to become a pharmacist, there are a lot of resources out there. One interesting way to learn more is to ask a pharmacist directly. Most professionals are happy to talk about their career fields and how to become a pharmacist.

What Kind of Schooling Do I Need to Become a Pharmacist?

If one is interested in the pharmacy profession and figuring out how to become a pharmacist, the best resources might be a local college or university, pharmacy professionals, and career counselors. The general background of a good pharmacist includes good grades in college-level science and math, among other disciplines as well.

During your search on how to become a pharmacist, you should find that pharmacists usually have already attended a college of pharmacy, or pharmacy school, for about four years after attending undergraduate school. It is vitally important to first obtain a high school diploma or equivalent in order to attend college or university in most countries. Try to get the best grades in science, as this is the foundation of pharmacy.

Attending a four-year undergraduate college is an important step of applying and being admitted to pharmacy school. During your undergraduate years it might be convenient to take online courses. This is becoming more popular. Just make sure any credits transfer and that the online school is accredited. Getting an online education can provide some interesting experiences and new approaches to learning.

There is an admissions test called the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) that must be taken in order to apply for pharmacy graduate school. These tests are somewhat standardized and good study guides exist. There are also licensing examinations to pass after pharmacy school to practice pharmacy in your state.

Now that you know the requirements involved in how to become a pharmacist, you are ready to head back to school. Start your online degree today and take the first step towards a happy and lucrative career!

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