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Registered Nurse Job Description

Registered Nurse Job Description

Registered nurses are the cornerstone of the medical industry. They are needed in all types of healthcare; they work in all parts of the medical field. Some will have a specialty in a specific department, while others will work as float nurses throughout the medical facility without a specialty. In any case or area where the nurse is employed, the registered nurse job description will remain the same—providing patient care, administering medications, and conducting various examinations before the doctor fully examines the patient. There are also qualifications required for the nurse to become registered, including a combination of education, experience, and testing.

Registered Nurse Job Description

There are two ways that someone can become a registered nurse. The fastest route is to go through college and earn a two-year associate degree. Through this program, the nursing student is provided with the basic information and education required to pass the state’s certification exams. Once the degree is earned and the examinations have been successfully passed, the nurse will then be qualified to work in an entry-level position.

Should the nurse wish to pursue additional career opportunities, they will need to go back to college to earn a bachelor’s degree. After the bachelor degree has been earned, the registered nurse should be more than qualified to complete the duties associated with the registered nurse job description. There will be times, however, when the registered nurse will still be required to go through continuing education courses.

Job description of a registered nurse

There are many duties associated with the registered nurse job description, although some will vary depending on the department in which the nurse works. Most nurses will have duties that include providing medication to patients, taking vital signs, and reporting any changes in a patient’s condition to the doctor. Other duties in the job description for the registered nurse include care of, and compassion for, the patient. Death can be a large part of the job of a nurse; therefore, they must always be ready to say goodbye to patients and realize they cannot save everyone.

The registered nurse job description is full of duties that keep most nurses on their feet throughout their shift. The ideal nurse is a caring person who is not bothered by the sight of blood or death. They should be ready and willing to help with whatever the patient desires and be ready to let the patient know when those wishes are not in their best interest. The nurse typically earns one of the top salaries with a competitive standard hourly rate coupled with the availability of overtime pay. For a career that sometimes requires only two years of education, the job of registered nurse is a rewarding one.

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