Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Have you ever thought about how to become a graphic designer? Do you wonder what these artistic and technologically savvy professional do for a living? This field is continually growing, as more and more businesses seek innovative designs to attract new customers.

Graphic Designer Job Description

Graphic designers exude artistic talent through their creativity and vision. If you are thinking of pursuing this highly competitive field, you must understand that you need to make compromises. Your employer decides on the final design. You may create something truly spectacular to use on a marketing campaign or a new company logo, which you feel perfectly conveys the company’s message. You must be humble and respectful enough to accept constructive criticism, without alienating your employer. You must be an excellent communicator. You will work very closely with other team members to determine design ideas. If you are able to communicate and listen effectively, your feedback will typically be more positive than negative. You should prepare for circumstances when a client or employer provides you with exact design specifications.

Most graphic designers work in-house or freelance. In-house designers work for companies that need professionals to create and update websites and marketing logos. Due to the competitive nature of graphic design, many smaller companies choose to hire freelance designers to keep costs low. People who work freelance jobs often spend as much of their time searching for work as they do actually working. If you choose to freelance, clients will pay you for each job that you complete. You never know when your next job will be, in most cases. Fortunate freelancers develop strong working relationships with clients and they receive consistent work from the clients. Freelance design allows you the opportunity to pursue other artistic passions or to use the freelance money as supplemental income.

Education Requirements

Most job descriptions for a graphic designer will require, at least, a bachelor’s degree. Many people choose to take courses through online universities, so they can continue to work, while they complete their online degrees. Online degree programs allow students to study and attend classes whenever they have the time. In addition, online educations cost less than traditional, campus-based colleges and universities. Lower tuition costs and reduced commuting expenses help defray the education bill. If you seek an assistant position or a technical support role, you may only be required to complete an associate’s degree or a graphic design certificate. You may be required to submit some design samples as part of your graphic design program application.

Graphic designers work in a rewarding career. They can find employment with a company or decide to work as freelancers. Regardless of the career path, you will be able to earn a sustainable living. Start online courses today for a brighter future tomorrow!

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