Graphic Designer Salary

Graphic Designer Salary

A graphic designer salary will vary depending on the type of employment you seek and your artistic and technical abilities. If you have researched how to become a graphic designer, you realize two options exist for employment. Both have advantages for that cater to different employment needs.

The Jobs

A graphic designer salary will be reflective on the type of work that you produce. In some cases, people with very little experience have incredible talent and understanding for new technologies, which allows them to earn more money than people who have garnered years of experience. People who work as graphic designers should have a keen interest in technology and software applications. If you are unable to use sophisticated applications, you may not be a suitable candidate for one of these positions. Graphic designers are also required to meet strict deadlines. You might work as an in-house employee or as a freelance designer. Both positions require designs be completed in a timely manner. The attention span of today’s consumer is quite limited. Companies, big and small, require new concepts and designs to maintain consumer interest. If generate high traffic to client websites, you will earn a substantial graphic designer salary.

You can work for a variety of employers and clients. Design firms are popping up on a regular basis. These are typically smaller businesses that have several large accounts. You might work for one account or work as part of team on several accounts. These employers often hire in-house designers to ensure they meet their clients’ needs. An advertising company relies heavily on image, so they often seek out people who have the same creative visions. You can work for publishing company designing e-Books and author websites. If you work freelance, you can work for a school district one day, a microbrewer the next day, and a culinary website the following day. The possibilities are expanding on a daily basis for graphic designer employment opportunities.

The Salary

A graphic designer salary hinges on the level of education you want to attain. If you complete a bachelor’s degree and have a quality portfolio, you should easily surpass the minimum salary established by some employers. If you have solid work experience, you might be eligible for top paying positions. However, most employers and clients view education as the ultimate barometer for ascertaining your abilities. Graphic designers who have some work experience and a bachelor’s degree should make close to $50,000 annually. If you have less experience and freelance part-time, you will make significantly less money.

A graphic designer salary will provide most people with a comfortable lifestyle. If you are artistic and like technology, this may be the career path for you. Enroll in an online degree program to learn about this creative career!

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