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Forensic Psychology Salary

Forensic Psychology Salary

Are you one of the thousands of people who find that your salary isn’t keeping up with the rising costs of living? Have you been thinking about going back to college to get your career training for a new profession? If so, taking the steps for how to become a forensic psychologist can help you make many of your dreams come true. Forensic psychologists enjoy a career that provides almost limitless opportunities, constant challenges, and a wonderful, forensic psychology salary that can reach $100,000 a year, plus benefits. If this sounds like the change you have been looking for, this article can give you more information on this great career choice.

Is a Career in Forensic Psychology Right for You?

Earning a forensic psychology salary involves working very closely with others and facing a number of problems and issues that may take much time and effort to resolve. Therefore, if you prefer working alone or are impatient and easily frustrated, this career may not be your best choice. On the other hand, if you love a challenge, are a real-people person, and have a driving interest in psychology and the law, this may be your dream job.

As a forensic psychologist, you will handle a wide variety of situations. These may include lawsuits, custody disputes, and insurance claims. If you choose to work in family court, you may find yourself investigating claims of child abuse, offering psychotherapy to crime victims, conducting visitation risk analysis, and performing child custody investigations. If you work primarily with civil courts, you will be called upon to provide second opinions, to assess competency and more. In criminal courts, you may be required to evaluate mental competency, work with child witnesses, and assess adult and juvenile offenders.

Forensic Psychology Salary and Career Outlook

Jobs for forensic psychologists are predicted to grow much faster than average over the next several years, making this one of the top careers to enter. With a master’s degree in forensic psychology, you can expect to earn between $20,000 and $46,000 a year depending on your particular job description. Although this may not seem like much, it helps to understand that the pay increases with experience, and a forensic psychology salary can easily top $100,000 a year after 20 years of experience. In addition, forensic psychologists often enjoy full benefits packages, including retirement plans, health insurance, vacation and sick leave, and more.

Entering the field of forensic psychology allows you to work in a profession that will provide you with constant challenges and variety. It will also give you a sense of accomplishment in knowing that your services are truly making a difference in the lives of others. Finally, the wonderful forensic psychology salary that comes with these positions could allow you to finally have the little luxuries you have always wanted. Imagine the difference you can make in your life by simply finding an accredited college or university and starting your training for this great career!

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