How to Become a Clinical Research Assistant

How to Become a Clinical Research Assistant

The clinical research assistant is a trained professional who helps support the planning, monitoring and reviewing of research information obtained from scientific studies. The assistant finds subjects for clinical trials, and assists with the collection, as well as assisting with the evaluation of the results. Clinical trials are used when collecting research data in many different fields. A clinical research assistant is extremely involved in these clinical trials. The research assistant is responsible for reviewing the protocols throughout trials, and supervising the trial ensuring all rules are followed. The field of clinical research remains a field of fast growth with a major impact on worldwide health. Be part of the biological process of evolution by learning how to become a clinical research assistant.

The first step in learning how to become a clinical research assistant is by acquiring the necessary educational requirements. The educational requirements are contingent on the preferences of a particular employer. In the majority of cases, a clinical research assistant earns a degree in a science-connected field and acquires knowledge in an associated field. A Bachelor of Science degree and clinical experience in medicine, research, pharmaceutical or a similar industry is required.

What it is like to be a clinical research assistant?

As a prerequisite for an entry-level job a clinical research assistant usually are required to have Bachelor of Science as a rule in life or social sciences. The majority of employers also want their research assistants to have considerable education in or practice in the particular field that is being researched. Biology and psychology are just a few typical degree majors that can lead to a career as a clinical research assistant.

In addition to the educational requirements, the majority of clinical research assistants require experience working in clinical trials. A clinical research assistant needs to be aware of correct procedures and have broad knowledge concerning the subject that is being researched, as well as the technology used in the trial. Clinical research assistants often have the task of discovering, and interviewing prospective individuals for the trial research. Therefore, clinical research assistants need to be equally well educated and experienced. When learning how to become a clinical research assistant it is helpful to know that graduates looking for their first clinical position may be able to use the laboratory and testing experience included in their degree program may satisfy these standards.

What kind of schooling do I need to become a clinical research assistant?

A Master’s degree in Clinical Research is available where students learn clinical research techniques and management. Graduate certificate programs are also an option available and usually require less than 20 credits to achieve. Although not required, some hiring organization prefer clinical research assistant to have an industry certification. The certification is available from the Association of Clinical Research Professional for clinical research assistants. Certification permits the assistant to show that they have met qualification requirements and have the minimum level of job-related knowledge and skills.

When learning how to become a clinical research assistant it is helpful to know that it is necessary to be prepared to demonstrate excellent communication and organizational skills. Clinical research assistants often recruit individuals for studies, as well as arrange protocols, outline procedures and reports. Clinical research assistants can work anywhere that conduct scientific studies. Usually that consists of work in hospitals or independent laboratories and other facilities that conduct scientific studies.

Clinical research as a field takes in a wide span of research. Now you know how to become a clinical research assistant, start thinking about education. Educational instruction and knowledge various different forms, but individuals interested in how to be a clinical research assistant are generally required to have a bachelors degree in some facet related to science. Individuals who already have a four-year degree related to science can acquire the skills and knowledge in clinical research by obtaining concentrated training at the master’s level or graduate certificate. Clinical research schooling can be finished in twenty-four months and consists of class work, training and clinical practice. Specialized educational classes are fundamental for this form of education for the reason that they offer groundwork for the certification exams.

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