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How to Become a Carpenter

How to Become a Carpenter

Options for students looking to earn a degree or career training once they graduate from high school can be overwhelming. Some students wish to work behind a desk, or in the field of law enforcement, or the busy life of a medical professional. Some wish to become a stay-at-home parent or work part time. But there are still a great deal of people who answer the call to work with their hands. Carpentry is one of the older professions, but one that is still in demand. While technology has created or replaced some jobs, it has only enhanced carpentry. Learning how to become a carpenter starts in high school. Take any courses that are available such as physics, algebra, blueprint reading, and any shop-type classes.

What’s it like to be a carpenter?

Once you have made the initial steps in high school and are ready to enter the field of carpentry, you have a few things you should consider. First, you can work as a carpenters apprentice and learn how to become a carpenter through an apprenticeship. This generally will take three to four years. Another option is attending a trade school. Many trade schools can give you the necessary education needed in just a couple of years. You may need to work with an experienced carpenter even with this education, but it could put you ahead of your less-educated peers. You may consider a full degree as well, though earning a bachelor’s in carpentry is not what you would focus on. You may look at business while you work as a carpenter to allow you to start your own company. The main focus here is that you have multiple options to enter this field, but your best will be to attend a trade school, at the very least.

Once you learn how to become a carpenter, you can expect a decent income. Most carpenters will earn an hourly wage and since hours will vary by season, needs, and employer, how many hours you work will vary wildly. Entry-level carpenters can earn as low as 12 dollars an hour, while the average is 20 dollars an hour. The highest paid carpenters can expect over 30 dollars an hour, which is a very comfortable living no matter what your situation.

What kind of schooling do I need to become a carpenter?

So you have weighed the negatives and positives and decided to learn how to become a carpenter by starting in a trade school. Finding the right trade school is going to be an important first step. Consider the location, travel time, and other important location and time-based considerations. Or, you could look at an online course and have none of those worries. Many trade schools will offer some form of online degree program or an online certificate program. Spend your time learning about what each school offers for online students and you may find that your personal and work schedule need no reworking for you to earn your education. Online courses allow you to study and complete work on your schedule. Be sure to discuss this more with the admissions advisors as they will be able to give you specifics on how their particular online programs work. You can even get started on becoming a carpenter today by requesting more information from online colleges that offer related courses.

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